YARN - From the (shorter) Oxford English Dictionary:

Spun fibre of cotton, silk, wool, or flax.... fibre prepared for use in weaving, knitting...a fisherman's net...any of the strands of which a rope is composed...a (usually long or rambling) story or tale, especially an implausible, fanciful, or incredible one.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

You know you are a Waldorf parent when....

  • your son comes home and chastises you for "never making kale chips"
  • your daughter wants to give a friend brie for a birthday present
  • your daughter receives seaweed as a birthday present
  • the highlighter you have at work is a wooden pencil that came from Life Without Plastic
  • your lunch box collection includes - plastic bento lunch boxes, metal bento lunch boxes, handmade fabric fliptop lunch baggies, travelling chopsticks, titanium sporks and more metal water bottles than a sports team should have
  • your kids wear a hat outside without even thinking about it
  • the most important factor in getting dressed in the morning is the weather check
  • your fronthall looks like a photo shoot for MEC
  • you know exactly what is meant by 'gifts from nature' and 'rainbow bridge'
  • your daughter wants to been seen in the yard wearing her violin on her back - as a symbol of being a really 'big kid' in the yard
  • you have purchased freshly butchered chickens, fresh vegetables, native perennials, samosas, eggs, handspun wool, honey and fair-trade coffee from people in the school community, at school
  • you feel a sense of relief when your children ask if they can stay at the school forever, or until high school anyway